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KARCHER BR 30/4 C COMPACT SCRUBBER DRIER 240v 1.783.2240 Pack of 1 Designed for safe and hygenic deep cleaning of small areas, eliminating the safety risks associated with mopping by scrubbing and drying floors in one pass.

• As easy to operate as a vacuum cleaner • Instant drying - no wet floor hazard • Continuous use of clean water - not dirty mop ...
KARCHER BR 40/10 C Adv COMPACT SCRUBBER DRIER 240v 9.621.792.0 Pack of 1 A compact scrubber drier designed for heavy duty cleaning of small to medium sized floors. This versatile machine will wet, scrub and dry the floor in one pass.

• Seperate fresh and dirty water tanks for easy maintenance • High suction power leaves floors clean and dry in a single pass...
Numatic Twintec Cable - TTQ1535S compact cable scrubber-dryer 15lt Pack of 1 There is an old saying that "small can also be beautiful" and this is particularly true when having to clean floors quickly and effectively in small and sometimes restricted areas. The TTQ1535S cable machine has been expressly designed to be compact, easy to operate and exceptionally manoeuvrable...
Numatic Twintec Cable - TT4045S compact cable scrubber drier 30lt 450mm 776147 Pack of 1 Yes, the first really practical, simple to use, combination machine built on a full stainless steel chassis that will revolutionize your whole thinking in terms of cost effective hard floor cleaning. Here you have a machine that is easy to use, easy to fill, easy to empty, easy to move, easy to tran...
Numatic Twintec Cable - TT4055 compact cable scrubber drier 40lt 550mm 776275 Pack of 1 The big advantage of cable machines is the amazing power provided by mains operation, three times that of battery machines, and, due to the lack of costly batteries and 24V components, the machines are truly cost effective, almost two for the price of one. Cable machines are used extensively in many...
Twintec Battery - ETB4045 compact scrubber drier 40lt 450mm 2Hrs 100rpm 776285 Pack of 1 The ETB4045 has a number of cost saving variations introduced into the specification without loss of performance or operating life. The LoLine chassis is manufactured in nutex epoxy powder coated steel in place of stainless steel; the wet pick up floor tool is Structofoam rather than aluminium and t...
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