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Act Peach Bowl H089 - perfumed 1ltre x 12 (H89C) Pack of 1 Peach Bowl is one of a range of perfume co-ordinated quality washroom products. * Safe for use on stainless steel. * Advanced formula dissolves organics as well as scale without brushing. * Safer than strong acids or bleach yet more effective. * Kills odours at source - leaves a fresh peach fragranc...
Carefree speed stripper 5 litre Pack of 1 The first no scrub - no rinse emulsion floor polish stripper for all resilient floors (except wood). Its revolutionary formulation can cut stripping time by 50%. Apply solution with a Kentucky mop. Can be used with or without a rotary floor machine.
Mr. Muscle multi-surface 6 x 750ml Pack of 1 Effortlessly removes grease and grime from surfaces. No rinse - spray on and wipe off. Ideal for use on paintwork, ceramics, laminates, plastics, metals and other non-porous hard surfaces. Kills germs and has a pleasant fresh fragrance.
Mop & Shine cleaner/maintainer 5 litre Pack of 1 Carefree Mop & Shine is a floor polish and maintainer all-in-one bottle. It is suitable for small customers who do not have access to sophisticated floor machinery or customers who have limited time to care for their floors and want increased convenience. It can be used neat as a polish to protect t...
Carefree emulsion floor polish 5 litre Pack of 1 Formulated for a long lasting high gloss finish. Use a clean mop or polish applicator to apply.
Sprint hard surface 5 litre Pack of 1 Multi Purpose cleaner, Improved formulation, removes dirt and grime in seconds. Has a no rinse formulation.
SELDEN K070 D-SOLVE HEAVY DUTY GRAFFITI REMOVER 480ML CAN Pack of 1 description: Powerful fast acting formula. Gel form helps prevent run-off from vertical surfaces. Water soluble - simply wash off with water. Ozone friendly. Does not contain chlorofluorocarbons. Low odour, no choking fumes. application: Rapidly dissolves or breaks up all forms of graf...
3M GRAFFITI REMOVER GR2 PAINTED SURFACES 500ML Pack of 1 The 3M™ Graffiti Remover GR2 is formulated to remove graffiti from most painted or varnished surfaces without damaging them. For use on most painted or varnished surfaces (gloss painted, varnish, latex paints).
Lifeguard Disinfectant 5 litre Pack of 1 Cleans, disinfects and freshens washroom surfaces, and helps prevent cross infection in washrooms, showers, changing rooms and swimming pools providing 99.99% germ kill. RIPHH certified. Apply to floors using a mop and bucket or to other surfaces using a cloth or sponge.Dilute: 1:40
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