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Sharp WriteView Calculator Scientific Battery-power 4-line 335 Functions 2-key Rollover Ref ELW531B Pack of 1 WriteView ELW531B Scientific Calculator Scientific calculator 4-line display 3-digit punctuation 335 functions and 2 key rollover Logs any base Deg-Rad-Grad Deg-Min-Sec Logs Base E Base 10 Variable statistics Regression models Statistics graphs Advanced statistics tests Set decimal plac...
Sharp Calculator Handheld Battery Solar-power 8 Digit 3 Key Memory 70x116x16mm Ref EL240SAB Pack of 1 Large 8-Digit Slant Display Twin Power Source (battery and solar) Protective Display Cover Last answer function 3-digit punctuation Decimal Setting (F-2-0) 3 Key memory Root and Sign Change Key
Sharp Calculator Tax Desktop Battery/Solar-power 10 Digit 108x170x15mm Ref EL334FB Pack of 1 10 Digits 4 Key memory Extra large angle LCD Sign change +/- Tax+ / Tax- keys Backspace correction key Double zero key Grand total key 3 digit punctuation Flip stand to raise calculator Solar/battery powered: LR44 (battery included) WxDxH: 108x170x15mm
Casio MS100TER Desktop Calculator Battery/Solar Power 10 Digit Tax Key Ref MS100TER Pack of 1 10 digit display 3 Key memory +/- Change sign key Tax key Currency conversion key Double zero key Dual Power: Solar and battery ref LR44 (included) WxDxH: 103x145x31mm Silver finish
Sharp Calculator Desktop Battery Solar-power Euro 10 Digit 100x152x15mm Ref EL331ERB Pack of 1 Semi-desktop calculator with 'glass-top' design 10 digit angled display 4 Key memory Euro currency conversion Tax function backspace correction Silver Metallic Finish Solar/Battery powered: LR44 (included) WxDxH: 100x152x15mm
Sharp Calculator Handheld Junior Scientific Battery Power 10 Digit Ref EL-501x Pack of 1 10 Digit display 131 functions including statistic functions Statistical calculation eg. mean/standard deviation Complex number calculations N-Base: Bin, Oct, Dec, Hex Constant Calculation Sturdy and hard-wearing plastic keys Slide on hard case included Stylish and contemporary piano black d...
Sharp Calculator Euro Desktop Battery Solar-power 8 Digit 100x152x15mm Ref EL330ERB Pack of 1 Semi-desktop calculator with 'glass top' design 8 Digits 4 Key memory Angle display Change sign (+/-) Percent key Tax and currency/Euro conversion Silver Metallic Finish Solar/Battery Powered: LR54 (battery included) WxDxH (mm): 100x152x15
Casio Calculator Desktop Battery/Solar-power 8 Digit 3 Key Memory 103x137x31mm Black Ref MS-8TV/MS-8B Pack of 1 Casio Desktop calculator 8 Digits displayed 3 Key memory Extra large angled display Mark up Tax function Currency Conversion Function command signs Sign change 3 digit comma markers 4 Constants/large alignment key Auto power off Solar/battery powered: LR54 x2 (included) WxDxH: 103x137x3...
Casio Calculator Euro Desktop Battery Solar-power 12 Digit 3 Key Memory 151x158x32mm Ref DH-12TER Pack of 1 12 Digits 3 Key memory Extra large angled display Tax function Euro currency conversion Grand total key Add mode 3 digit comma markers Square root function Mark up function Decimal selector: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, F, + Landscape design Large keys Auto power off Solar/battery powered: LR44 x2 (...
Casio Calculator Handheld Battery/Solar-power 8 Digit 3 Key Memory 57x102x8mm Ref HS8V-S-U-H Pack of 1 Large display Brushed metal finish 8 Digits 3 Key memory Percent, square root Sign change Large + key Auto power off Solar/battery powered: LR54 (included) Wallet WxDxH: 57x102x8mm
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