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Tipp-Ex Rapid Correction Fluid Fast-drying with Foam Applicator 20ml White Ref 885992 [Pack 10] Pack of 10 Tipp-Ex Rapid Fluid (White) Size: 20ml Unique foam applicator for precise and broad correction Foam wedge applicator for clean and easy use - no clogging Fast drying formula Ideal for all types of paper correction Will not chip, peel or crack Non-ozone depleting No stains or splashes
Pentel Micro Correct Correction Fluid Pen Needle Point Precision Tip 12ml Fine Ref ZL31-W [Pack 12] Pack of 12 Fine metal tip for precise cover-ups No mess and no waste Trichloroethane-free formula Valve controlled flow for smooth coverage Easy to control lozenge-shaped barrel Contains 12ml fluid Packed 12
Tipp-Ex Pocket Mouse Correction Tape Roller Disposable 4.2mmx9m Ref 8207891 [Pack 10] Pack of 10 Disposable correction roller Fits comfortably in the palm of the hand Instantly dry tape 42mm width Tape length: 9 metres Packed 10 4.2mm width
Tipp-Ex Exact Liner Correction Tape Roller Pen-shaped Disposable 5mmx6m Ref 8104755 [Pack 10] Pack of 10 Pen-shaped correction tape, with pocket clip and grip zone for comfortable and practical use Provides precise and neat correction Instant rewrite Packed 10 Tape Size: 5mmx6m
Tipp-Ex Soft Grip Correction Tape Roller 5mmx10m Ref 895933 [Pack 10] Pack of 10 Correction tape with super rubber grip Quick, clean application Instant rewriting after application Transparent body to monitor tape supply Rewinding system Tear resistant polyester film Tape: 10m x 5mm width Packed 10
Tipp-Ex Micro Tape Twist Correction Roller with Rotating Cap 5mmx8m Ref 8706142 [Pack 10] Pack of 10 Compact design correction tape with a tear-resistant polyester film Patented twisting head protects the tip Rewinding mechanism if the tape becomes loose
5 Star Office Rollerball Correction Pen Fine Metal Tip Applicator 12ml [Pack 12] Pack of 12 For accurate correction Pinpoint application Size: 12ml Packed 12
Tipp-Ex Shake n Squeeze Correction Fluid Pen Fine Point Ref 802422 [Pack 10] Pack of 10 Tipp-Ex formula in a squeezable pen-like body with fine point for precise correction Super smooth application Instant start Quick drying, good coverage and easy rewriting Packed 10
Tipp-Ex Easy-refill Correction Tape Roller 5mmx14m Ref 8794242 [Pack 10] Pack of 10 Easy to use refillable correction tape Created for smooth and accurate applications 14m - ideal for heavy users Includes a remaining tape indicator 5mm width Packed 10
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